Building a stronger Ward 3 through cooperation and inclusivity.

Increasing safety by partnering with local police and the community

Advancing the economy by empowering small businesses

About Hakin

About Hakin

The face of Ward 3 has changed in recent years, reflecting an increase in community diversity. As an immigrant himself, Hakin understands the needs of people new to Canadian society. After leaving Somalia in 1997, he lived and studied in Arizona, successfully obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and serving on the board of the Somali Association of Arizona with a position as Executive Director from 2004-2007. In 2010, Hakin migrated to Edmonton, where he fell in love with the culture and community. He has since settled in Ward 3 with his wife and children, and has become actively involved with civic duties. In addition to running his own small business, Hakin has volunteered for non-profit organizations such as YMCA Castledown and several others.

Hakin is committed to building a stronger Ward 3 through cooperation and inclusivity. He believes that diversity is valuable in unifying members of the community, and cherishes the experience of working with people from so many different cultural backgrounds. His vision is focused on improved access to community resources, the implementation of better social programs and improved infrastructure. Hakin wishes to increase the level of safety within the community by partnering with local police and members of the public in establishing effective Neighbourhood Watch programs. He is also committed to engaging with youth within the public school system, identifying issues that affect them and creating youth programs that inspire productivity.

As a small business owner, Hakin understands the challenges of entrepreneurs, and can bring his business knowledge and experience forward in helping others. Through the design of a platform aimed at increasing business opportunities in Ward 3 via empowering existing small businesses and securing new investments, Hakin wishes to help bring about greater prosperity within the community. He is also concerned with infrastructure improvements, and is committed to addressing needs related to long-term facilities for seniors, better access to housing, road repairs and public transportation.

For Hakin, Ward 3 is a community with tremendous growth potential. He is inspired by the rich diversity of its people, and understands that cultural differences need not separate people but instead, can bring them closer together. With a strong understanding of immigrant experience and the challenges of working hard to establish oneself, Hakin brings a bright and unique perspective to City Hall. If given the opportunity, Hakin is able to bring about meaningful change and greater prosperity for all members of the community.